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These incredible private, in-person events are an integral part of your Seven Figure Agency Membership.

As an agency owner, you don’t operate in a vacuum. Learning from, networking, and collaborating with other agencies in the same stage of business as you is critical to your success.

Happening three times a year in Miami, FL, these intensives create a powerful opportunity to do just that.

You’ll receive Intensive-only insights and training that is specifically tailored to augment your Agency Growth journey and help you reach your business goals.

Whether you’re just getting your scaling to $25k MRR, already break the Seven Figure Mark or working towards the perfect exit so you can build your legacy, these intensives can help you get there faster (and with more support!).

There Is Nothing Like Connecting With Other Agency Owners To Help You Reach Your Goals.

Are you in the Seven Figure Agency and ready to RSVP for your intensive?

Upcoming Events

In-Person • Online

Intensive Nov. 2023

November 14-15, 2023 | Miami, FL

In-Person • Online

Intensive Mar. 2024

March 2024 | Miami, FL

In-Person • Online

Intensive Jul. 2024

July 2024 | Miami, FL


Roadmap LIVE! Nov. '23

November 13, 2023 | Miami, FL


Roadmap LIVE! Mar. '24

March 2024 | Miami, FL


Roadmap LIVE! Jul. '24

July 2024 | Miami, FL

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What Agency Owners Are Saying About Our Events

Alex Miranda, CEO of God-Preneur and Educational Brands, shares his experience of going from a generalist agency, accepting all kinds of industries, to a specialized agency that focuses on one niche. With the help of the Seven Figure Agency membership and community, Alex was able to find direction, position himself as the expert in this market, and ultimately find peace of mind knowing that the weight of his business no longer burdened him.

Matt Plapp, CEO of America’s Best Restaurants and author of Restaurant Marketing That Works, reveals what you need in order to take your agency to the next level, and how Seven Figure Agency’s program and community helped him overcome his struggles in scaling past his first initial 7 figures in his own digital marketing agency.

After attending our Roadmap LIVE event as a guest Thaddeus
of On Purpose Media and his business partner Evan, saw the value that the Seven Figure Agency coaching membership offers that other programs do not. Our membership is one comprised of effective strategies and a network of like-minded mentors and individuals that will help you go from where you are to where you want to go.