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The Implementation Program

  • 120-Page Implementation Workbook:

You can immediately download the workbook and start to work.

  • 8 Videos with over 8 hours of playtime:

You have the freedom to stop and start the videos as you work on the Action Items.

  • A Chance For a one-on-one

Agency Acceleration Session with Josh himself: If, after you've completed the self-study course, you are ready for a long-term coaching program, you can speak to Josh.



$3,995 VALUE

The Seven Figure Agency Model

Without the right model, you cannot get to being a seven-figure agency. You can work around the clock, but that won’t do it. You can accomplish a million “right” activities, but that won’t do it either.

You must take the right actions driven by the correct model. In this module, we unpack the Seven Figure Agency Business Model. You will learn how to set yourself up for agency success. This module covers: Who you will serve—a niche, What services you will provide, How you will charge for your services.



$795 VALUE

Service Offer Structuring

Next up is helping you to dial in on your service offerings. In this module, we map out the ideal suite of programs and how to package and price them.

Paramount is the concept that you are selling packaged programs, not custom work or one-off programs. This packaging is essential to recurring revenue and profitable client work.



$795 VALUE



$795 VALUE

Client Retention Maximizer

Landing clients is only the beginning. To get out of struggle, you must retain clients and produce recurring revenue.

In this module, we ensure that you have a bullet proof strategy to onboard your clients and retain them for the long-term.

Learn the secrets of client retention. Surprisingly, it’s not always about results. It’s often about the client experience in addition to the results. We show you how to create a client experience that keeps them wanting more.



$1,995 VALUE

The Ultimate Agency Funnel

To land clients on a consistent basis, you must have a simple and highly productive funnel. Your funnel must predictably bring ideal prospects into your world, warm them up, and get them excited to buy. In this module we build out your Ultimate Agency Funnel.

We help you put together a whole opt-in system that leads to an appointment funnel. We show you how to set up a hot lead follow-up system that ensures no leads get lost. You have clear guidance how to implement a smooth and effective funnel that converts prospects into clients.



$1,995 VALUE



$795 VALUE

The Cold Outreach Formula

New clients don’t just appear magically out of nowhere. You need to have an on-ramp where you can get the attention of strangers and get them to raise their hands and express interest in your services.

Until you have built a list and have some positioning, you'll need to go out and drum up business with cold outreach. Don’t worry though, this module shows you how to have a high rate of success while avoiding the pain of the cold. We show you how to take the easy path and how to systematize it.



$995 VALUE

The Client Attraction Method

You can't rely on cold-outreach for the long term. In this module we show you how to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche. This module is all about the kinds of assets you need to attract high-quality clients.

Even more importantly, we show you how to repurpose those assets into multiple assets that build your authority. We cover the ideas behind using monthly webinars to bring clients to you—what we call the ultimate shortcut. We guide you to attract clients who come to you pre-positioned to buy at premium rates.



$995 VALUE



$995 VALUE

Sales Process Mastery

The exact sales process & script we’ve used to sell over $10M in recurring digital marketing Agency services.

Total Value: $10,365

Normal Price: $997

Today: FREE



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This course is designed to take you through every step of starting… setting up and growing an agency that will drive more money, freedom & impact.

If you follow our guidance, you can land 5-10 new clients over the next 8-12 weeks.

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From The Desk Of

Josh Nelson

Miami, FL

Thank you so much for taking me up on my offer of a free copy of The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap book. If you’re like me and more of a visual / auditory learner than a reader, we’re also offering this video-based training for you. The Seven Figure Agency self-study course provides a format for you to take key concepts from theory to reality.

The course takes you through Action Items where you pause the video and get your plans written down. When you’re finished, you have—in writing—a whole plan to build a seven figure agency. When you write a plan, it’s a lot easier to implement it in the real world.

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Alan Hillsberg

Optimized Mobile

"I had been doing SEO for anyone who would ask, and doing SEO at such low mark ups, I really couldn’t give my clients the kind of service they actually needed. I couldn’t afford the time to deeply understand their particular business. I did not have the right fundamentals in place, and I wasn’t making enough money to support my family in the way I intended. I was working a business that went “paycheck to paycheck and panic to panic.” It was not the business I wanted.

Josh’s Seven Figure Agency changed the direction of my business. I started this course from scratch as a new agency. As of this writing, we are just under 3 months old and I am already making “head turning” presentations in my new niche. Currently 6 new potential prospects are considering deals, and it feels like this business is about to take off.

My fundamentals and approach towards my business have been corrected and I feel I am on my way to the success and security I and my family deserve. Yes, it is hard work, and you need good organization and an action plan to make it happen (that’s your part), but Josh lays everything out for you. You’re not left to wonder and guess. Josh has laid out the perfect business model to duplicate his success. "

Montina Portis

CIA Media Group

"I have owned a digital marketing agency for 5 years. I’ve been a consumer of training courses…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve spent thousands…and I’ve made tens of thousands. But I haven’t yet hit that seven-figure mark within a year. This course, by Josh Nelson, is by far the BEST money I’ve ever spent. I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days. My highest recommendation goes to Josh. Get on board, and start building your agency!”

Mike Cioffy

Cioffy Marketing

"I made my money back, plus some, in less than 30 days. My highest recommendation goes to Josh. Get on board, and start building that seven-figure agency! On My Way to 7 Figures!"

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